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Hyunseung, Honeymoon in Seoul (ok for me, tour guide for him). Cottage, Lamborghini, 14 kids. (Do you want another Super Junior/Girls Generation for CUBE, Hyunseung? 0__0

YAY! Junhyung, Disney World, Cottage, Lamborghini, 4 kids!

Yoseob, Tokyo, Apartment, mini cooper, 50 kids… 

Married to Junhyung.  Honeymoon in Seoul.  Living under the interstate (LMAO).  Driving a Lamborghini.  We have 4 kids.  

The interstate just ruins everything.  

YoSeob, Bahamas, apartment, Mini Cooper, 50 kids………….. 

Kikwang, Tokyo, house apartment, station wagon, 6 kids. I actually don’t mind that~ LOL.

Yoseob, Disney World, mansion, Lamborghini, 2 kids. OMG I LOVE THIS RESULT.

Hyunseung, Coke Museum, mansion, mini cooper, 0 kids ):

Yoseob, Seoul, Apartment, Motercycle, 19 kids. :)<3

Junhyung, Bahamas, Mansion, Motorcycle, 1 kid. :) I like this. A LOT.

Godwoon - Tokyo - Apartment - Station Wagon - 17 kids


Junhyung - Seoul - Mansion - Mini Cooper - 50 Kids. LOL.

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    Junhyun, Bahamas, Apartment, …BICYCLE…and 14 kids. We will get around via BICYCLE. =_= Oh well that’s pretty cool I...
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    Doojoon and I got married and honeymooned in Tokyo. We live in a cottage, get around using a Lamborghini, and have 2...
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    Hyunseung and I got married and honeymooned in Seoul. We live in a mansion, get around using a motorcycle, and have 20...
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    ฮยอนซึง -/ - ฮันนี่มูนที่ปารีส ♥ บ้านสวยมากกก , ขับมินิ มีลูกห้าคน (?) 5555555555
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    omg thank you so much for liking me forever not doing anything productive but playing kpop mash
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    Husband :Dujoon Tokyo House: Cottage Mini Cooper 20 (O_O)
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    Yoseob (omgush yes! my bias 8D), honeymoon at Paris (wow :O very nice!), live on a Mansion (nice nice..), drive a...
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    Yoseob and I will Honeymoon at the Coke Museum, then come home to live under the interstate and drive a motorcycle with...
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    Junhyung, Paris, Apartment, Station Wagon, 14 kids
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    Kikwang, Disney World (again), apartement, Mini cooper, 2 kids!
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    This is my hope..^^
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    how to play it ? ??
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    Junhyung, Disney World, Apartment, Mini cooper, 12 kids.
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    HUSBAND: Hyunseung ♥ Hahah Paris OMG apartment mini cooper how many kids: 3 HAHAHAHA OMFG! Nuestro destino ya esta...
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    Hyunseung, Tokyo, Mansion, Station Wagon, 16 kids.